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Posted on June 29 2017

What do you get when you combine a busy mom, four children, and the need for stylish AND affordable clothes?  The answer is Four Birdies Boutique.  As a mom of four girls I want shopping to be fun and stress-free.  However, rarely is it.  Driving all over town, getting the baby in and out of her car seat, listening to children argue over whose turn it is to sit in the front, and going into multiple stores only to come out empty-handed.  I knew there had to be an easier way.

After lots of searching I found many places to shop for myself, to shop for little birdies, and to shop for each one individually. I have yet to find a great place with stylish clothing to accommodate each life stage of a little birdie. And thus I created Four Birdies Boutique.

This store has something for each stage in your birdies life.  Whether your birdie is a hatchling, nestling, or fledgling – Four Birdies Boutique fills your need.

Shopping for the Mother Hen – Four Birdies Boutique has that, too.  

I am a teacher by trade and a mom by the grace of God.  When coming up with a name for my store I decided to name it after four of the most important people in my life – my kids.  The “Four Birdies” represents each of my four daughters – all with their own personality and style.  

We absolutely LOVE our Customers and Customer Service is our priority. Come shop with us, and be sure to tell all of your friends and family about your experience!

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